Pregnant Situation

Two days ago I went to visit my wife's twin sister who was at the maternity hospital in preparation for childbirth. Attending previously could not handle anymore of having to go perform hajj. Yes indeed very strange. Treatment must be done from the beginning ignored at the time before birth. The first doctor who ever said that there is little leakage of amniotic fluid and he said no problem. Meanwhile, the second doctor said that should not happen and must be performed a cesarean section to give birth. Though the content is age 35 sunday. Operations in our country have caerah considerable attention by the community because many thought the operation was performed only doctor to obtain more benefits. Keep in mind if someone gave birth to normal cost about 3 million, while for a cesarean section cost 10 million more and other than that the operation does not require a long time if compared with normal birth. Any consideration cesarean finally done the next day. The husband was so nervous because this is the first experience for him. When I asked him "Do you accompany your wife during the operation"? He replied "I not able to see it all "? So he must be replaced by-laws.The operation went well and they get a cute baby girl, because his small baby incubators are included. Oh, yes when the operation is also a strange thing happened again. All of a sudden power outages. It recently electricity companies conduct national extinction by reason always Electric Company is the only company serving electricity consumption nationally. Is this a monopoly or not say? What is certain if the electric die so many masyrakat, small companies, medium-impaired. And also the strange I had not one day late the next day to pay home electricity I got a letter threatening disconnection of electricity. It's an irony if the company to extinction is very small compensation. And no society or legal aid organizations that could proceed. Communities are also often linked with power outages political turmoil today, such as the involvement of police, prosecutors, legislative and ruling that drop-led anti-corruption commission. Even the head of the company electricity today also indicated a number of corruption involved in the procurement information systems. And now the commission is under the supervision of the eradication corruption. Also please note that anti-corruption commission has dared resist the acting state's ruling, holding acting state prosecutor, investigating police involvement, even the president-in-law of one of their inputs in prison. So many high-level conspiracy to be dropped. We are also increasingly afraid to keep our money in the bank because many banks used for political purposes, such as the provision of funds for the party campaign political or state office holder. If the banks collapse then the acting that wins election will help him and that would hurt all of its customers. But the people more aware and clearly understand the behavior of actors great. Only time will drive the anger of the people. What a pity that only the present generation inherited the rot. Son, we pray I hope you are able to break through injustice in this country.

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