SELL THE OLD NOVEL (original private collection) 1. Mystery Walk, by Robert McCammon
2. Four Days, by Gloria Goldreich
3. Death of A Friend, by Richard Harris
4. The Crooked Road, by Morris L. West
5. Shadow of Death, by William X. Kienzle
6. Slinky Jane, by Catherine Cookson
7. Death Sleep, by Jerry Sohl
8. The Aquitaine Progression, by Robert Ludlum
9. Im Dancing as Fast as I Can, by Barbara Gordon
10. The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum
11. Convergence, by Jack Fuller
12. Pinball, by Jerzy Kosinski
13. The Almighty, by Irving Wallace
14. The Summer of Katya, by Trevanian
15. Blood Srcrets, by Craig Jones
16. Dear John, by Susan Lee & Sondra Till Robinson
17. The Spike, by Arnand de Borchgrave & Robert Moss
18. The Armageddon, by George R.R. Martine
19. Incubus, by Ray Russel
20. Tim, by Collen McCullough's
21. Vida, by Marge Piercy
22. The Karma Affair, by Arsen Darnay
23. Canaan, by Charlie Smith
24. Sins, by Judith Gould
25. I Had Wild Jack for A Lover, by Meridith Marsh
26. Cry of Flesh, by Richard Himmel
27. The Bar, by Peter Rabe
28. The Word Rapers, by Jonathan Black
29. The Beastly Blatitudes of Balthazar, by J.P Donleavy
30. Round The Clock at Volari's, by W.R Barnett
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Indonesian Novel
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