Media Responses to Eat, Love and Pray

Media Indonesia both TV and newspapers began to highlight the negative effects of shooting eat, pray and love. There are traders who say the media began to lose because some places closed to trade. Earnings are usually millions became under million. There TV media said several schools that made the location shooting feel disadvantaged because they have to change schools or move when the school should be a school day morning. There is also the media who say that the tourists feel disturbed because some of the resorts shut down temporarily when shooting.
The question is why some media jointly started saying these negative impacts.
But be proud that one of the media leaders said that the government should be very grateful to Julia Robert and crew. Because they Bali can be promoted all over the world for free. And we know that Hollywood films worldwide. But in fact the words unspoken gratitude.
According to the opinion of the writer, what is covered by the media is true for the moment but in fact can be ascertained following the impact of all the people of Bali and Indonesia will benefit to the long time limit.
So the media would not only highlight the negative impact it.
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