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Indonesia's elite fights between police and the Anti-corruption Commission. As reported in the Indonesian media has pointed out a dispute between government agencies. Commission as an institution of government formation to take up cases of corruption in government institutions was shaken with a chairman who is considered dismissal case involved a love triangle and murder. While the two current vice chairman of the Indonesian police arrested for allegedly wrong in using the authority and engage in bribery. Meanwhile, one police officer by the Commission for allegedly accepting bribes century bank case. Currently the second row of this institution was at the top. However, some elements of community development lots of surety that supports both the representatives of the Commission. So the flow is also support from the community through the media and twiter Facebook. Most of the people of Indonesia still do not understand about the principles of political law.
Moreover, an acting police said the alligator symbol against the lizard. Hmm horrified if the power is still able to suppress the weak..
Become confused and wondering, what is behind it all?
Saya cicak = i'm lizard
Berani melawan buaya = courageous opponent crocodile
KPK = anti-corruption commission
Cinta = Love

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