Country & Disasters?

Horrible living in my country because of freedom and justice is only possessed by some people. Especially the people who have money and power. The people who have money are entrepreneurs who in every way using the money to pay the authorities, politicians, police, soldiers to guard persahaannya. Especially if there is a tender the employer would have bothered to get it. Yes, in my country the ordinary people already know the practices of their evil. Not only in big cities, in areas of smaller authorities, politicians, police, soldiers can be purchased by businessmen. Although people knew but could not do much. Especially with the head of the legal cases mencuatnya eradication commission law, the more people know the evil practices of the authorities, police, soldiers, politicians. Is this process that our nation must be experienced to be a fair country and provide freedom for their people? Are all still occur because the rulers of the more intelligent fool the people? Does God will punish our nation with disasters more powerful again?

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