Commercial Education

Development of education in Indonesia, the better. The government is very concerned with the education quality measures are appropriate. Such as curriculum improvements, scholarships, tuition fees are cheap, free book online, the welfare of teachers both public and private. But unfortunately there are still many untouched areas like the suburbs. There are many students who are not able to continue higher education for reasons of cost. This is increasingly concerned with the establishment of international schools both public and private. In my town itself many schools vying to become the school status of the International. They competed in improving infrastructure and quality of education. There are also schools that are established businessman who only buy name only when employers did not have the ability to educate. But unfortunately despite international status, in my opinion the quality of their education is very low. You could say the school is only as decorative face alone no content. The fatal effects of that is a costly school fees. So that the poor may not be able to get a good school let alone international, although their brains sharp. The question is Why the policy is not always pro-poor. Why is the government so easily give permission to establish educational institutions, without knowing the contents of the school. There is no longer funny college extension program of the country. Where anyone can go to school in an important state universities can pay costly. So many high schools that students of private over the years fewer and fewer. Yes, very ironic to get a decent education should cost so much when the law already states that all people can get a decent education.

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