Goodbye... Detta

I had a student named Bernadetta Maria Santosa 9th grade he was the first high schools. This girl is very active in school activities. He was always filled event featuring dance with her friends. Few people know if he suffered from diabetes since the 5th grade elementary school. He showed no pain and he did not want to be pitied because of her illness. In the days before he felt ill and itching and he went on vacation in the hospital because she collapse at home. He was hospitalized in intensive care in the morning but at 2:00 the Lord came to pick her up. All the friends and teachers are surprised to hear the news Bernadetta death because two days ago still had school. Together with co-workers and students, I come to pray to God Detta always with him. At night I was thinking that I'd never taught how to create a blog. In the workplace the next day I try to open blogku where I blog lists my students. I open the blog Bernadetta Maria Santosa. Display template with black and purple lyric content of two songs from Audi with the title Crying Last Night (Menangis Semalam) and from Viera with Perih title. Looks like template and two songs that describe the contents of his heart. Yes we all feel lost her figure. Figure who can give you an idea that we must persevere in all circumstances without having to show sadness, that we may not pity others. We must surrender and pray to God as a last resort because all of us will open for us.

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