A Reflection on Teacher's Day

(When I was in the supervision of the principal)
For nearly 9 years I was teaching, so many schools teaching experience from ordinary to your favorite school. Right on the day the teacher an idea I want to appear when he saw a television show on TV One yesterday afternoon. A dialogue on the decision of the Law of the National Examination dismissed. A decision is quite phenomenal because the National Examination is always left a lot of problems. From year to year there is not passed, so the schools do anything to make students pass 100%. See it if the National Examination must complete common school deceitfulness. Ironic for a developing country. The government wants the National Examination of the entire region can have a national standard value with graduation criteria are always rising. But the question whether the development in the field of education has touched all parts of Indonesia? After all, in fact educational development is only touching the major cities or favorite schools only. Was Written Exam is the only measure of student success? Does the national exam script makers also know the real condition of the entire national education? There is much that needs to be questioned. But with the decision of the Supreme Makamah fresh air for our education. And will be even better if the development of equitable education in all areas, whether improved quality of teachers, teachers' welfare, the development of teaching and learning facilities, scholarships and many more and so on. Do not let the best sons and daughters of the State provides brilliant ideas to other countries because in this state they are not noticed his education

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