November Rain = Flood

Early November rains have started flushed my town and closer to the more heavy rain in December. Yesterday 20 November evening, after work I forgot my raincoat so I'm in the middle road in the rain. I stopped my Vespa Corsa and stopped at a security post. Because I was afraid notebook and my camera wet. While waiting for the rain that had stopped I looked around, and I saw that the rain water no longer flows through the ditch but flows over the road. Indeed the area's elite residential neighborhood and close many reasons to avoid a ditch with the smell and the mosquitoes. When in fact there are rules that govern building construction but are often violated by the public. Especially if you work in mutual cooperation, so no one person can be warned. So I think that floods often occur in the county due to the construction of environmentally unfriendly. There is no water line works well. Even the endless land or water absorbent because the citizens casually closed the area of land with cement or asphalt. Very surprising people never learn from the experience frequent floods that occur. The government also does not explicitly carry out the rules, they are right the situation just before the rainy season. So that was certainly the State would be a lot of flooding. Soon we'll hear on television, newspapers, internet of flood and landslide disaster in our country.

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