City of Mountain

Malang is one city in eastern Java, where I live and work. Since a teenager I was with peers often hold events climbing a mountain. We're happy to do that because our region is very support which we area surrounded by mountains. West side there is Kawi mountains, north of Mount Arjuna, east of Sumeru mountain, bromo and mountainous Tengger. The south is the coastal region. There are Amendments beach, Sendang Blue, Balekambang. Also near the mountains there are many waterfalls, such as Coban Pelangi, Manten Coban, Coban Glotak, Coban Rondo. There was even a hot springs located at the foot of Mount Arjuno. Experience can not be the forgotten if we are in the most tall, silent, cold, without light as we are aware of our lives.Yes we are very pleased with the natural wealth and almost all the places it has been visited. But there are some vulnerable just before the rainy season like now, because some of these mountain areas experienced landslides. Looks like the opening new land and a lot of logging that causes it. We have to rethink plan to go to those areas. And should selected areas rare disaster. Looks like things are beautiful which ever we feel we will never feeling again.

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