Australia and Indonesia Education System

I was a teacher at secondary school level in the first 2 marry poor saint. In addition to teaching I also worked as a computer technician at the school. In the process the teachers were also given courses to increase knowledge. One was that I follow is the English language courses. It is interesting to learn English, because then I get and understand the information.
A few days ago when English language courses, instructors provide material about the article in the education system the difference me with the Australian State.
Apparently a lot of difference, among others:
  1. Teachers in Australia to teach only in these places, and focus on areas of study, while in Indonesia the teachers are still allowed to teach or work elsewhere. Therefore there's a permanent teacher and not fixed. Most teachers still have a side job.
  2. When the process of studying in Australia in less appeal with Indonesia. This is shown still many hours outside the classroom such as tutoring students for test preparation. The teachers are also burdened with the task of the various activities. There schools between Monday to Friday. While in Indonesia Monday to Saturday. School starts at 07.00-13.30 in dilanjutan additional lessons until 16 o'clock.
  3. Regulation is determined by many schools and teachers in Australia while the students can determine the rules for himself.
  4. Prosperity teachers can not be fulfilled properly. All can be seen still many teachers who have a side job. In Australia the government has set a rule in the welfare of teachers, so that both private and state teachers there is no difference
With the course material I knew that to become a teacher should be more focused so that students can gain the maximum learning.
Which can lead to generation of high quality without the notice is not the welfare of teachers and their families

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