Who would have guessed the impact the activity will take Julia Roberts' rise from the people of Bali during this slump. Since the Bali bombing the Balinese as drowning sorrow. Tourists seemed afraid to step their feet on the island of the gods. So Balinese wheel of life is not only the residents of Bali stopped. It turned out that most of the people adhered to the ideology of hatred Indonesia.

That expression of my heart ... Although not a native Balinese, I've lived there and until now my two brothers and a family living there. Bomb effects are felt, my brother in law who used to work every day to work in one month only in 8 days. Company where she works depends on Tourist no longer able to pay its employees because of declining extremely Tourist. But beyond expectations. Sang Hyang Widi, Tuhan, Allah, Bapa, or whatever they call heard moans Bali. Julia Robert yes he is going to change the condition of Bali from this moment with Hollywood and of course Elizabeth Gilbert author of the original novel. Shooting activities have been increasing rental rates lodging in Bali, especially if the movie comes out. Not only would the economy inn rates where booming. Actually not the first time Julia Roberts to Indonesia before he ever been to Borneo (Kalimantan) participate in the promotion of the protection of orang-utan. Therefore it was fitting for us to thank, especially our government just does not pause for the help of foreign parties participating nations elevated. Hopefully with eating (makan), pray (doa), and love (cinta) we are increasingly aware of the respect for life in accordance with the title of the movie Eat, Pray and Love is taken from Elizabeth Gilbert's novel, Bali is synonymous with peace, tranquillity and beauty.

Balinese say : “Matur nuwun to Elizabeth Gilbert, Hollywood, Julia Roberts, United State”

(andik nov/26/09)

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