I left Bali Oldest

Almost 2 years I never stopped leg to the island of Bali. Once when she first felt the feeling there menginjakan foreign area filled with beauty. Looked when I was riding the bus that started in the port of Gilimanuk. The building is very different form in Java. The highway was so neat, clean and lots of prayer combined with people's homes. When the bus started to reach the city of Denpasar, a similar scene but also more crowded. The more interesting when I started around the tourist areas. And very different if the Indonesian school holidays, so that was a local tourists mingled with foreign tourists. It happened between the months of June-July. But outside these months that many were foreign tourists visiting. So when it Bali looks like America or European countries. The following camera shots:
Tanah Lot
Penyu Island
Barong Show
Tanah Lot
Jimbaran Resto

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